So i have now seen inception 2 times because the 1st time, i didnt understand it too well. so i went with about 12 friends to see it for a 2nd time and i understood it so much more. the ending was the best cliffhanger ive evr seen. It made me so frustrated! i hope they come out with a 2nd movie but i doubt they will because they ended the problem very well in this movie.

i thought it was a very well organized movie and i enjoyed paying $22 to see it 2 times. only thing is that it is a little hard to follow in my opinion. but my friends didnt have a problem following it. i highly recommend this movie because the story is just so well thought out and described.

Top 10 Best Dance Scenes

So i couldnt find any lists of the top 10 best musical scenes from movies but this list came pretty close. i looked on and this is what they came up with:

1.) Singin’ in the Rain- Singing in the Rain

2.) Stormy Weather- Stormy Weather

3.) The Labyrinth- Magic Dance

4.) Grease- You’re The One That I Want

5.) Flashdance- Flashdance

6.) Clerks 2-Clerks 2 Dance

7.) Mac & Me- McDonald’s Dance

8.) Scent of a Woman- Tango Dance

9.) American Wedding- (doesn’t say scene)

10.) Dirty Dancing- Final Dance

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